What we feared came true. The entire buildings of the Primary School in Charter have no foundation and numerous cracks can not be remedied so far. In fact, there should not be any lessons in the rooms anymore. The substance of the building was in a real ruinous condition.
That's why we decided to rebuild the buildings, ideally four buildings with two classrooms each, as well as a kitchen, a sleeping area and bathroom with showers. We started with two classrooms. Thereafter, two more classrooms or the sleeping tract will be built for the nonresident pupil who have to walk more than 10 kilometers to school.
Construction began in late 2015. A massive building on a good foundation was built. Two large classrooms and two small storerooms are now useable.


In the middle of 2016, the building was handed over to representatives of the Ministry of Education in an official ceremony. Parents, children and teachers took part and the kids got enough to eat from grill.

Handover of the school by Sekai


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